Visiting Bynum’s Greenhouses

I could tell immediately that I was in a professional greenhouse operation by how impeccably clean the greenhouses were. It didn’t seem to matter much that they were located in John Bynum’s backyard in Garner, North Carolina.

In March 2018, I visited Bynum’s Greenhouses with the marketing representative from the State Farmers Market in Raleigh to film the production of greenhouse flowers and vegetable plants for sale at the Farmers Market and roadside stands.

The video above shows a technology I had never seen before: a vacuum-powered seed sower. Watch to see how it works to save the Bynum’s hours of work when seeding.

When you buy six-packs of vegetables, you want them to all be the same size, which can be hard when the seeds sprout at various times. Watch the video above to learn about how seedlings are selected for age in order to create a uniform six-pack.

When I visited the greenhouse operation in March, it was still cool outside but pleasantly warm in all the greenhouses but this one, which serves to help start cold conditioning plants so they can be stuck in the ground while spring nights are still chilly.

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