Asian Greens and Spicy Peppers Thrive on Stephanie Moore’s Farm

It was hard to keep from salivating when hearing the products grown at Moore’s Produce in Benson, North Carolina. Besides southern staples like melons and sweet potatoes, Stephanie Moore also grows a wide variety of exotic greens, herbs, cut flowers, and spicy peppers.

Moore’s Produce is a family farm, like all the farms I visited. On the day I visited with Monica Wood from the State Farmers Market, I had the chance to meet Stephanie’s daughter and young cousin who were helping to transplant golden beets. Learn more about the wide variety of products grown and see this local family farm by watching the video below.

Moore’s farm is able to have food on the table come spring thanks to the black plastic mulch they use. The idea is simple. You protect the plants from weeds and cold by planting them into rows covered with a tightly-tucked black plastic sheet. Watch the video below to learn more.

The hardest part about making videos is editing. I asked Gracie what her favorite food they grew was, and Gracie said immediately that she liked watermelon season best because they’d get to “bust one open” when they were harvesting. Nothing like a fresh, juicy North Carolina watermelon!

I owe a huge thanks to the State Farmers Market and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture for helping me meet and film these farmers.

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